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Triple Vitamin C Serum

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  1. Triple Vitamin C Serum

    Triple C Serum is a triple threat anti-age serum, fortified with three vastly unique forms of Vitamin C to help skin combat fine lines and the effects of ageing, while aiding in a brighter complexion.


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    ⬤ Three (3) unique and different forms of Vitamin C

    ⬤ Vitamin C helps skin fight against the effects of aging (ex: fine lines)

    ⬤ Vitamin C has properties that have shown to help brighten complexions

    ⬤ Vitamin C is a perfect option for all skin types, even sensitive skin types

    ⬤ Stable rotation of Vitamin C benefits



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  2. Peptide-8 Serum

    Peptide-8 Serum helps to actively brighten and guard skin from environmental antagonists, while hydrating, softening the appearance of fine lines, and firming skin due to a dynamic blend of eight (8) high-performing peptides totaling 99% of the entire formula.


             This Product is comparable to Boxtlak

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    ⬤ Positive anti-age skin results seen as early as 28 days

    ⬤ Ideal for dry, combination, and normal skin

    ⬤ Hydrates and soothes skin which can greatly improve one’s complexion

    ⬤ Helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    ⬤ Properties to brighten skin which is capable of producing a more vibrant complexion



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    Special Price $69.80

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2 Item(s)

Triple Vitamin C Serum
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