Store Your Careprost in the Bathroom

There is no need to refrigerate your Careprost bottle, and the best place to store this product is actually in the bathroom or where you do your beauty regime every morning. This incredible beauty product should always be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight, which is why the bathroom is an awesome place because you can quickly grab your bottle and brush when you jump out of the shower in the morning, or once you've removed your makeup a night and apply the Careprost. When it's hidden away in a foreign spot, you're more likely to forget about this new addition to your beauty routine. Well, that is until you see the results. Then, there is no way you'll ever forget this world-changing product.


Use it Post Shower or Post Face Wash

A lot of people recommend applying Careprost for longer and natural eyelashes after a warm shower or face wash with warm water. The reason for this is because the heat and steam opens your hair follicles, allowing the liquid to be further absorbed into the base of your lashes. It could make the results appear faster and possibly even better!


Avoid Application To The Skin

Having Careprost come into contact with your eyelid isn't going to cause any damage. You may experience some redness or itchiness as a result, but nothing that doesn't subside in a short period of time. Since you want to focus the solution at the base of your upper eyelashes, it is highly recommended to add a drop of Careprost onto a clean, thin and short-bristled makeup brush, and to then paint the solution onto the base. If there is any excess solution above your lash line, simply use a tissue to blot it away without taking away from what has been applied to your what-are-soon-to-be sky high eyelashes.


Don't Catch Up

With some beauty regimes, it is completely okay and sometimes even recommended for you to 'catch up' if you have missed an application, but that is not true with Careprost, and doing so may cause your eyes to become dry and irritable. Instead, try to keep yourself on schedule and if you noticed that you missed a night of application, just continue on with the product the next day. More importantly, if you find that you are frequently forgetting to incorporate Careprost into your nightly beauty regime, try moving it to a place that isn't so hidden. For example, move it from your medicine cabinet to your counter top.With these simple tips, you are well on your way to achieving longer eyelashes naturally with a little bottle of Careprost - the beauty industries best kept secret... Until now, of course.