How to Use Square Cash to Send/Receive Money

You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store and when you do it’ll simply ask you for an email or phone number and after confirming that, you’re basically good to go.




You then connect whatever debit card you want to use with the app by putting in the card info. You can also add multiple cards and even credit cards (although using the credit card to pay someone will cost you 3%, similar to other cash apps like this).

You then come up with your “Cashtag”, a unique handle that follows a $ that can be used for people to send or request money from you even if you aren’t in the contacts of their phone. After that, you’re all setup. Simple.

The app’s main screen is a simple dial pad for entering in the amount of money you want to request or send to someone. You enter in the amount and tap either of those options then put in the person’s name from your contacts or their “Cashtag” and tap next and you’re done.




Other Cool Features

Beyond the super easy way of sending and receiving, Square Cash has some added features that are worth noting.

Fingerprint & Pin Security



This allows you to require your fingerprint (if your phone supports it) or a pin to open the app, but also to request and send money, just making it a bit more secure.

Cash.Me Link




You are given a link that you can send anyone to pay you through by heading to$YOURCASHTAG and they can do so even without having a Square account, which could be handy.

Auto Cash Out